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I have finally decided on colors.  It was a tough one!  If you think about your favorite colors, it is easy to go from there.  Those favorite colors will most likely be prominent in your clothes closet.  Ink was chosen as I wear jeans a lot!

 Zephyr, Ink, Monet and Salty Tales


I am adding Kidsilk as a carry-along after seeing how soft it is!  I couldn't resist.  

They are Ink, Zephyr, Monet and Oracle


July 9, 2016 - Saturday evening - (watching baseball)
I have begun knitting with Ink and it is a gorgeous shade of deep, dark blue.  I like that Shockwaves has several different aspects to keep my interest.  First, you begin with an iCord edge.  It does make a lovely finished edge. Do it - it is worth it!  There is an iCord edge formed on each side as you knit!  You can see the iCord below left.



There are pointed chevrons created by the CDD - at each side of the wrap - 2 are together with a 5 stitch garter stitch segment in between bounded by YOs on each side.



On the other side of the wrap is a single chevron point with a large garter stitch segment on one side.  I do like that this wrap is not symmetrical.  You can see the variations/tones in the colors in this photo.  I like all things balanced, so this gets me out of my comfort zone.


If you look close, you can see the iCord at the edge.  


Thursday, July 21, 2016 
I have completed the striping to merge Monet into Ink!  While I love the color of Ink, I am happy to be done with it!  Up next to the orange flower marker, is the LAST 2 rows of Ink!  Yay! On to just Monet for awhile!  



You can see the progression of the stripes. 



Shockwaves is simple to knit yet very gratifying!  It is KAL knitting, TV watching knitting, late night knitting, in the car knitting, husband talking to you knitting - almost mindless knitting.  I have markers placed everywhere I need to be mindful of a change.  

Shockwaves project in my basket

It is beginning to look quite substantial in my knitting basket!  As I type it is July in Texas and 99 degrees outside, I am thinking about a cold snap about November when I will appreciate having this knit, blocked and ready to wear!  


A few quick photos to show Monet - it is very nice!  I apologize for the poor lighting.  




From Monet, I began Salty Tales - 


From Salty Tales, I began the last color, Zephyr 

The photo below shows some of the stitch/texture detail



Zephyr is truly lovely!


This project is quite large!  it is more of a wrap than a scarf. 


I have finished my Shockwaves!  Yay!  I absolutely love it - it is soooo soft!  It is quite large and I look forward to wearing it this Fall and Winter.




Blocking is next for my Shockwaves!

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