OTN Opal Socks in Sport Panorama 9135 Yoga

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In 2006, I learned to knit socks on double points.  I did quite a lot of research finding a basic pattern and jumped in.  I followed the Sockknitters group on Yahoo for almost 2 years, gleaning information, using what I learned to be able to knit a great looking pair of socks.  From double points, I progressed to knitting socks on the addi Turbo 12" circular which became my preferred method.  After doing a bit of sock pattern design, I knit so many socks that I got burnout.  It wasn't until I learned to knit 2 at a time using the Magic Loop technique that I became excited about sock knitting again.

I like having a pair of socks in progress in my knitting basket.  Sometimes, in the evening, I want to knit, but I don't want to have to think about what I am knitting.  Socks are the perfect project to have on hand.  

I have my basic sock info handy (in notes on my phone) - cast on number, heel turn numbers and length of my foot and so on.  It is also easy to have someone else's basic sock info written down in case you want to knit them a pair of socks.  This pair of socks is for my daughter, Kim.  She is coming to visit soon.

If I use variegated or striping yarn (my favorite), I can knit a simple basic sock and it looks fabulous.  I reserve pretty patterns for solids or near solids where they can be seen.  A chevron pattern, and there are MANY, is the one design that stands out in striping yarn.  Opal sock yarn is so bright and colorful it is a perfect candidate for my simple, mindless, relaxing knitting.

This is my current sock project - it is Opal sock in the Sport Panorama Collect 9135 Yoga (available to purchase on this website)



There is a 1.5 2X2 twisted rib (knit in the back of the knit stitch) for the cuff you can see below.  The leg of the sock is supposed to be from the Groovy Sock pattern on Ravelry but it is no longer available.  Someone posted a link that gave a stitch pattern for a chevron pattern that is supposedly the one or similar.  It is quite stretchy and great for a sock leg!  

The pattern is very simple - only 2 rounds - it is quite stretchy

Round 1 - Knit

Round 2 - *K1, YO, K1, SSK, K2tog, K1, YO, K1* repeat around.  (8 stitch pattern)



I did not want to continue the pattern down the foot as it is a bit bulky. It's interesting to see the difference between the striping in stockinette and in the chevron pattern.

Close Up of the ribbing and stitch pattern 



And Finished Pair




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