I am Knitting Socks

Posted on May 24, 2016 by Debbie Haymark | 0 Comments

I have been knitting socks in the evening while watching baseball as it requires very little thinking on my part.  

After doing some sock design, I had sock knitting burnout for a long time.  Knitting socks two at a time renewed my excitement for knitting socks.  It seems that I don't knit much longer than it takes to knit one sock and I have a pair.  I prefer top down TAAT using the Magic Loop Technique.

This is Arne & Carlos sock yarn in 03 657 Summer Night. (yes, this yarn is on our website) 

I love the way Arne & Carlos sock yarn knit s up.  I have always been a pushover for striping sock yarn.  This pair is going to granddaughter Kayla for her birthday in July.  I hope they fit her!



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