What are You Doing With All Your Spare Time?

Posted on June 03, 2016 by Debbie Haymark | 0 Comments

Everyone is asking me what I am doing with all my spare time now that the shop is closed.

This is where I work now.



During our closing sale, we sold approximately 1/3 of our stock. Everything that didn’t sell has come to my house. Joe and I are doing inventory. Everything was pulled from the website to be counted before being returned to the website. It is important to get our products back onto the website to sell. 

To think of it in simple business terms, let’s say we had $75K in inventory - yarn, needles and supplies. We sold 1/3 of that. That leaves $50K of yarn that needs to be counted and put back onto the website to sell. For those who are now wondering, iPurl had more than $75K in inventory. (The needle wall alone easily held over $20K in knitting needles).  

In the meantime, new merchandise for the website is coming in. It also needs to be added to the website.
Finding suitable storage in my home for a lot of yarn has been a big job. For now, we will lose a bedroom to yarn storage. Everything is counted and put into a nice bin labeled by brand for storage and stacked neatly away. It makes it fairly easy for me to fill orders.




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